In Germany brewing has not been changed for over 500 years with the same ingredients: hops + malt, water and yeast. But there are countries, where also other ingredients are used. Did you ever try a beer with a juice of sauerkraut or juniper berries? We would like to show you the world of beers and so we have come up with a lot:

You can brew together with our sommelier


Participate in a beer tasting, where 6 different, International beers are presented


The world of beers in combination with food


We look forward to your visit!

Thorsten Alles


Do not just think about it, just do it. With the "Durstlöscher" in Aachen, nobody is thirsty anymore and  he had the great idea to open a beer shop. This he has done with hops + malt. He would also like to be behind the counter or to conduct tastings and brew beer, but 2 great jobs are not possible for him. For this reason, he hired Christian.

Christian Küppers


Trained hotel specialist and trained Sommelier of beer. After a stay in England and France, he completed an apprenticeship as a hotel specialist and then his high school exam in the second educational path. In doing so, he met Thorsten Alles.After that both of them kept in contact. By 2015 the idea was born of the beer shop. Here Christian was the first choice and has been running HOPFEN + MALZ as a manager


Jenny Roseboom


Our soul.

Actually, she is dedicated to art and culture,  Jenny has been doing this for years for the city of Aachen. In search of a new challenge she searched for offers on different platforms, but nothing really spoke to her. When she searched for an item in different online shops she came across a display from HOPFEN + MALZ and quickly accepted the idea that this would be her new challenge.


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